Saturday, October 8, 2011

GU Networking and partnership officer attend Tunza conference, Indonesia

The 2011 TUNZA Youth and Children’s Conference was held from Tuesday, the 27th of September to 1st of October 2011 in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia, after a colorful opening ceremony marked by cultural performance by Indonesian cultural groups; and statements by the Vice President of the Republic of Indonesia, the governor of West Java and the UNEP Executive Director.
The Tunza Children and Youth Conference is a biennial international conference of children and youth on the environment from countries across the world. More than 1300 young people from over 118 countries are believed to have taken part in this year’s event, to discuss, inputs young people’s ideas and;

- Strategize how to augment youth participation to the upcoming United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development “Rio+20″. With the slogan: Reshaping our future through a Green Economy and Sustainable Lifestyle”, the Conference also reviewed the contribution of youth to the International Year of Forests and how they could adopt more environment-friendly green life styles, forests, sustainable consumption and state of the Global Environment from the youth perspective. read the full report here

Friday, March 11, 2011

Who we are?

Global Unification The Gambia (GU) is a youth-led research and development association established in 2006 by students of the University of the Gambia. It is a registered as charitable association-registration number: 754/2006, with a mission to foster youth participation in national development. Using the motto, ‘advancing humanity’’ Global Unification, the Gambia has cross-cutting areas of intervention, such as climate change, peace building, leadership development, responsible citizenship and advancement of right of women among others.
The association is a national chapter of Global Unification International in Australia. Run mainly now by graduates of the University of the Gambia, theassociation continues to recruit young people of varying ages to attain its goals and objectives and for its sustainability.
Our objective is to improve the capacity of young people to enhance their efficience participation sustainable development construction of the Gambia, by  delivering of quality services to their community, utilizing both local and international good practices and standards.
Mission Statement 
In co-operation with other institutions, our mission is to excel in delivering the best educational skills and practices to young people and groups working with youth, enable them to contribute meaninfully in sustainable development processes of The Gambia.
We believe in the unity of mankind – that all people matter, and that the world is run under one system, as one planet, ensuring mankind’s survival. We believe that the word ¨Poverty¨ should be removed from our dictionary and that there should no longer be poor countries or poor people on our planet.
We believe that the differences between us, which make life interesting, and that we should cherish these differences, not ignore them. Visit us at:

1 Voice 1 action 1 Africa Campaign, August 2007
Street Children. Support their Future,
Photo by Laura Dem
Mr. Ebrima Talking to fair Climate TV
Klima forum during the COP15

GU/Africa Stop Malaria donated Mosqutoes Net
to Mandinaring Village August 2008
Drum for the Earth!! Earth Day Celebration 2010
Video by: Ebrima Dem