From inception to date, Global Unification the Gambia have continue to lobby,promote policies on gender reforms, environmental sustainablity, youth development , climate change solutions etc. The association have international recognistion for engaging young people in climate action in the Gambia. As result this, for twice in a row has participated in the Conference of Parties of the UNFCCC as part of the official delegate of the Gambia. GU is also actively engage in the activities of the youth constiteuncy, YOUNGO and is currently participating in the planning process of the Conference of Youth to be held in November 2011, Durban, South Africa. GU has participated in series of other international forum such as the NMC youth Meeting for Sustainable future, ManUP young leaders summit, UNEP youth conference on the Environment, Daejeon, Korea, regional workshop on Implimentation of article 6 in Africa, Banjul, The Gambia  etc.
Youth Summer Academy 2011
Date: 1st to 30th August 
Venue: Serekunda Price School
Participation fees: D350
Global Unification Summer Academy 2011 is geared towards providing young people the opportunity to interact, make friends, participate in green action programs such as tree planting and study classes in core subjects.Participants will also be train on public speaking, cultural dancing, bollyhood dance etc. To apply, click here

Training Workshop for Media Practitioners on Climate Change Reporting, Information sharing and Awareness Creation
Date: June 2011
Where? Tendaba Camp, Lower River Region 
What is it? The scientific and technical knowledge of climate change among local media personnel is  low. This has negative effect on their ability to give balanced reporting on climate change issues. Therefore through this workshop, we hope to  equip journalists with climate change facts, thereby legitimising the information disseminated as capacity of media practitioners  in the proper covering of climate change stories.

Year 2011

L-R: Facuru, Peter, Hon. Sillah
Africa Climate Teach-in Day and World Environment Day (6th June): Global Unification The Gambia (GU), in collaboration with the students’ Union and the Science Club of The University of The Gambia on Monday, 6th June 2011, organized a symposium on climate change, at the Gambia College campus in Brikama, West Coast Region. The forum organized to mark the World Climate Teach-in Day and the World Environment Day, aimed at promoting the teaching and learning of the science of climate change in higher learning institutions in the country, and to encourage public participation on environmental protection through sustainable living methods. The symposium was attended by the minister of Forestry t of and Environment, Hon. Jato Sillah, students of the University of the Gambia, volunteers of Global Unification and other youth climate action leaders in the country

I MATTER MARCH 2011 (16 May) : This is global youth march to let the world know that climate change is a moral issue -- not a political or financial one. By marching in the streets, the youth from the Gambia  joined their counterpart all over the world  let the leaders know that we matter and we need our whole society to reduce emissions and live as if our future matters. In the Gambia, the event was spearheaded by Bubacar Baldeh ( Youth alliance) and supported by Global Unification. 

EARTH DAY 2011( 1 child+1plastic bag=City without Litters), Friday, 22 April 2011: Global Unification The Gambia joined the rest of the world of environment activists to celebrate the Earth Day 2011. Earth Day is an international day that is commemorated on April 22nd every year, aimed at celebrating the enormous gains towards environmental education and preservation and to reflect on the lingering challenges and way forward to attaining sustainable living. In a two-pronged programme, the Association, with the theme 'Towards sustainable living; non-biodegradable litter affects life', plunged into a practical demonstration of its theme, by embarking on a massive plastic liter collection in the vicinity of its office along Mosque Road, towards Sandika area, in Serrekunda. This exercise was followed by a seminar at the office, which attracted about 60 participants including student members of the Association’s Eco-clubs, and other youth organisations. For further information click here 

National Stakeholders Workshop on Community Based Adaptation to Climate Change ( 25-26 February 2011, Mansea Hotel)This was a two-day forum conducted on the theme: Climate Change and Agriculture; ensuring food security in our changing climate. Organized by Global Unification and funded by Actionaid The Gambia it will attract personalities from relevant sectors in the country to deliberate, and share good practices on climate change solutions and community based adaptation to climate threats in particulular. 

Capacity Building Workshop on project conceptualisation, writing and Implimentation 

Year 2010

10/10/10 Global Work Party ( 10, October)It was a youth-led climate action program geared towards raising awareness and lobbying to policy makers for a decisive and urgent action to stop the climate crisis. The program was also in response to Global event to raise voice for climate justice worldwide. In The Gambia, the 10:10:10 Global Work Party was organized in the form of beach clean-up exercise and youth climate rally. The program took place at the Palma Rima Beach. This exercise was witnessed by the Permanent Secretary and Deputy Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Forestry and Environment.

Establising School Eco Clubs -This year alone, GU establshed five School Eco Clubs (SCC). The participatings schools  are Serekunda Primary School, St. Theresese Upper Basic School, Charles Jow Upper Basic and Kotu Secondary school.  Each of these clubs have teacher coordinator that serve as the caretakers of the functions of the clubs.Through these clubs, students are learning and participating in green action programmes such as tree planting, nursery and floriculture. They are given the opportunity to take part in climate and environmental education and communication. 

Youth Summer School 2010 -This event was held at the Serrekunda Primary School from the 1st to the 31st August 2010. It brought together up to 90 young people from 8 schools in the Greater Banjul Area.

Participants cleaning the gutters 
During the summer school, students from grades 7 to 12 were provided study classes in core subjects such as IT, English, Maths, Biology, and Agriculture among others. They were also provided training in public speaking, quiz competition, drama, mining, acting and cultural dance. The students as well their tutors also carriedout cleansing of Serekunda Market, tree planting and embarked excursion to nature sites such as the Reptile Gargen in Madinasalam and Kartong Bird santuary.The tutors at the summer were volunteers from the University of The Gambia. Through this program, we inculcate the culture of volunteerism among university graduates and final year students. Full report of visit to Kartong can be found here

Climate Talk Radio Program ( Rethinking Our Future): Funded by Actionaid International-the Gambia, Global Unification has started a year long youth-led advocacy program on climate change. The radio program moderated by Jalika Keita, head of GU women and gender unit and Alieu Jallow. The program began on the 15th August 2010 is geared toward promoting and enhancing public participation and awareness rising on climate change issues in the country. The radio program dubbed Climate talk is carried on the theme: Rethinking our future. It comes on every Thursday from 5-6 pm at CityLimits Radio. It is characterised by panel discussions, recast interviews of people on the street, farmers, University lecturers and drivers. The program also involves youth on climate change discussion through quiz and debates.

Earth Day 2010:The event  was held in the Gambia on 25th April 2010 through the guidance of the Earth Day Network in Washington DC, and the ministry of forestry and Environment of the GambiaThe event was organised by Global Unification in partnership with Phoenix project, US Peace Corps, Youth Alliance, and African Youth Initiative on Climate Change  and funded by Banjul Breweries Company Limited and National Environment Agency.

L-R. Pa. Jarjue, Suwareh, Hon Sillah
The day was  meant to demonstrate our commitment as young people to save the environment and to raise consciousness of the invaluable bounties of Mother Earth and the need to take care of it. After the official opening ceremony characterised by speeches of the two ministers, Ebrima Dem, GU National Coordinator, the Alkalo ( village Chief) of the village of Brufut and other dignitaries, work began in earnest and the beach was entirely cleaned up and the rubbish disposed .The event was also marked by cultural dance, group discussion on climate change and poster making.

Year 2009
National Symposium for Youth Engagement in Climate Change Solution
Global Week of Climate Action 
Stop Malaria Campaign 
Inter-schools Quiz on the Environment 
Year 2008
National Seminar  Rights of Women and Empowement
Year 2007 
1 Voice 1 Action 1 Africa Campaign