Partner with us

Our work is made possible thanks to support and partnership of organisations and individual like you. There are several reasons, why you should choose to partner with GU.

Our Experience
GU has been working with local community and young people for the past five years. From inception to date, we continue to create programs that have direct impact on the people that we work with. 

Our Expertise
GU is one of the largest and most dynamic youth-led and youth owned organisation in the Gambia. We have over 46 volunteers and 12 active staff that are contributing their efforts in supporting local communities to move out of poverty, adapt to the impact of climate change and live and dignified life. 

Our Innovations

GU use multi-approaches and diverse strategies in efforts and work. We listen to partners, learn and share good practices. We are continuously developing new ideas and innovation to better serve local communities and young people in the country

Our Transparency

GU has open door policy on its financial transaction and other issues. Staff, partners and funders have direct say on the running of the organisation. We published our annual financial reports before the general assembly and parties are giving equal opportunity to scrutinised and analyse our financial transaction.


GU has operated as reputable and independent non-profit, non-political and non-religious community based organisation. We are not dictates or control by any government agency or religious entity. Thus we can enter in to partnership with any development organisations and individuals that share our values for a world without poverty, a world, where every human can live in dignity.